princesskitten aka Pandy Grenville-Evans


Princesskitten – aka Pandy Grenville-Evans has been a presence on the web for more years than she cares to admit to. She is an accomplished all round crafter - turning her hand to a mind spinning range of skills. She has finally found her niche in calligraphy - and has been practising for a good few years now. She scribes texts, make cards, albums and books, scribes poems in her handmade books, makes scrapbook and memory pages, and works to order. 

Her style is modern and colourful, with layers and textures - very touchy, feeley. You can see the love of papers, ribbons and contrasts in all her work - and the attention to detail is just amazing.  In this modern day and age of push button machines Pandy still crafts solely by hand. She really does use a knife and rule to cut out most of the shapes used in her work - often drawing them out too. This does mean that the odd knife mark might show – hey, that really proves it’s real - and that is what hand crafting is about.

Recently Pandy's love of everything ink and paint has morphed into mixed media canvass - and you can see her distinctive style reflected in these pieces.

She has also noticed a lack of 'hands-on' advice for other crafters wanting to improve their skills so she tries to include other crafters as much as she can. You will find her a huge resource for tips and techniques - always keen to explain how a card is made. 

The workshop is a hive of industry – there is always new and interesting work in progress to discuss and loads of time to explore the various crafting supplies on sale, so do drop in for a chat and a nosy round the shop.

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