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@ The Kitten and The Goat, 9 New Shambles, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4TS

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The Kitten and The Goat are proud to be the home to The Posh Dog Clothing Company.  This range has grown out of a need for a flexable range of dog and pet wear that is fun, easy to care for, and does not cost you an arm and a leg.  

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The dog jumpers are all hand knitted in the Lake District - using Robin double Knitting yarn.  This is a 100% acrylic yarn which means there are no allergy issues - the yarn does not pil (no horrid bubbles after you wash it) - and the jumpers wash easily on a cool wash - coming out like new.  There is usually a good range of sizes in stock (depending on the time of year) - but jumpers can be knitted to order in different colours as requested.  Each jumper is unique - we love to play with colour mixes and don't repeat a colour way - so if you see something you like - double-check all the measurements and grab it quick - it won't be made again.  The range includes what we call 'nursing' coats - a very plain, easy to put on jumper for times when the dog is poorly and needs comfort but does not want to mess arround with a fidley putting on jumper.  This style of jumpers are perfect for nursing or elderly dogs - and have also been worn by cats, lambs, rabbits, and baby pygmy goats.



The hand knitted scarfs and snoods come in several different widths and lengths and are perfect for dog's that feel the chill - but are not keen on wearing a jumper.


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We also have hand braided leads and toys.  These leads are jus so wonderful to work with.  As dog owners and trainers we recognise the need for different leads for different jobs - so we make normal walking leads in different lengths, with different handles - we also make longer training leads for agility work and loose running leads for dogs the can't be let off the lead.  The hand braided toys are super strong,but gentle on the dog's mouth (and your hands) and washable, they will give hours of happy playing.  More styles and colour mixes are being added all the time.     

img_1683Following on from the warm reception that the leads have been given - we have recently introduced handmade fabric collars and leads.  The fabric used is 100% printed cotton fabric and made to be 6 layers thick on the straight band - with a D ring for the lead and a side opening clasp.  The collars and leads are very strong and durable - but do need to be looked after in the same way you would look after any cotton fabric.  There will only be a few made of each design is as bright colours as we can find!  Plus there will be some Christmas designs.  A dog is for life - but a collar's for Christmas.

We hope to introduce small harness for dogs, cats and rabbits for Christmas, as well as accessories such as pretty poo bag holders.  You have to carry them - so why not have something pretty. 

Hugely popular is our range of dog toys.  I won't say they are indestructible because there is always a determined dog! - but they are incredibly tough and seem to out last most other soft toys.

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Please note - The Posh Dog range is all hand-made by me.  There are times when the stock levels are low - and there are times when I run out of stock.  I can only apologise and hope you either contact me either by email on directly in the shop.

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