Message to customers

Message to customers

Sorry - this is a long post - but please read        

This goes against the grain - but I have decided that due to all the recent maintenance problems with the building agents looking after me and the shop I really need to keep customers updated with what is happening behind the scenes - it is starting to affect the service the shop provides and I am not sure how things are going to work out.

As you know - we had huge floods at Christmas - losing loads of stock and trading days. Nothing much was done - but it was promised it would all be fine. No financial aid was offered.

5 / 6 weeks ago I was flooded every day - Friday - Saturday - Monday – Tuesday.  Total madness - I did not lose as much stock - but lost all my office supplies - personal stuff - medication - make up - food - display etc.

The Enviroguard engineer (bless him) came and condemned the guttering and drainage as be unfit for purpose – I have been saying this through all the leaks for 4 years.

Huge panic from Peill's (the agents) - all sorts of stuff happened to re-route the down pipes and water fall.  I was promised full financial compensation for all my stock - personal - trading days lost. I was also promised that my back office would be put right and a new carpet.  Huge apologies all round - and I was told nothing would be too much trouble to put everything right and reimburse me. They even offered me one of the empty properties on the alley if Ii wanted - but as they all leak - I really don't feel that that is a viable option!

I was given the keys for one of the empty shops so I could gently empty my back office for the redecorating and carpet to be done - no pressure - take my time - look after my health in all this.

All sounds good

We are now 4 week on. I have cleared the room - ie packed up stock I should be selling! I have emailed regularly for news of when the decorators and carpet fitters would be expected. as well as to how the compensation is going to be paid.  Totally ignored.

Crickets .......

Not one single word.

Peill's owe me hundreds of pounds - they are destroying my business and my health. I love my little shop - and all my wonderful customers. All I want is to be able to run and grow - to fulfil my potential - in a safe - DRY environment - but this is killing my health. I am standing on the verge of another full mental breakdown - and I honestly don't know which way to turn

So - This week I will be looking for a local solicitor that does the 30 minutes free advice to see if I have any chance of any decent living conditions where I am.  I am also looking into finding new premises that I can actually afford – so any offers would be welcome.

I will keep you up to date if anything happens – but where we are now is totally ridiculous    

Any questions or comments please email me.  any advice would be greatly apreciated.


Pandy xxxx