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Ocean Breezes – Summer Collection

Breezing in on the crest of a wave we have the Summer Breezes Collection.  The colour way of the collection splits into two – a classic light blue – dark blue – with a red pop – and a more modern twist of cream – beiges – with a pop of coral.  Both colour palettes are soft and muted giving a more vintage feel to the collection.

There are several designs in each of the colourways – yachts – seagulls – sea shells – coral fronds – with plain background fabrics in stripes – spots – coral flowers

The fabric in the Ocean Breezes Collection is a 100% cotton – woven into a fairly heavy canvas material.  This is combined with 100% poplin linings – to co-ordinate – contrast – or pop

Perfect for the lighter, more relaxed fashions of summer.

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