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How to care for your Posh Dog handmade cotton fabric dog lead / collar

The range of fabric collars and leads are made from 100% pure cotton printed fabric.  There are 4 layers of fabric with 4 layers of interfacing – giving you a total of 8 layers of fabric.  All the collars have a D ring for you to use for a name tag or lead clip.  

The fabric collars and leads are in themselves very strong - and very well stitched.  Take care of them the way you would any other cotton item.  The items can be washed – on a cool wash and put the item in a sock to protect the fastenings.  The fabric can be ironed with a hot iron, taking care of any plastic fittings.  Make sure the fabric is dried well after getting wet - do not tumble dry - and avoid putting away damp.  Fabric collars are not recommended for dogs that swim a lot - but a pretty lead would be fine.

As with any other collar - your fabric collar will eventually wear out – it is hard to say how long it will last – it depends on how often your dog wears it – and what they get up to while wearing it!  6 to 8 months is about average – with some dogs getting a year +, and really hard wearing dogs 4 to 6 months.  Some dogs naturally have a very oily coat and this will make the collar look dirty very quickly.  It will not affect the life if the collar – but it may be better to stick to the darker colours so that it does not show as much.

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